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Weekend trip down the Puget Sound July 18, 2012

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It’s been about a week since I have returned from deploying on the USS Momsen. Now that I’m back, Tam and I are ready to stop dreaming about sailing and start sailing on a regular basis. This last weekend we sailed down the Puget Sound and stayed in Blakely Harbor located on the south eastern tip of Bainbridge Island. Tammara made some delicious spaghetti to eat while we enjoyed a quite night with an amazing and uniquely distant view of the city. We would have dropped some crab pots buuutttt… Tammara forgot to buy the chicken. 😉 I still love you.

In the morning we pulled up our anchor and motored up to Eagle Harbor for some breakfast at Doc’s Marina Grill. After Breakfast we headed out into the sound and raised our sails. The winds were 10-15 knots all day giving us a chance to see how fast Bravado can actually move through the water (9.7 knots at one point!.) We cruised though Elliot Bay to get a close view of Seattle before heading north again.

On the way north we attempted to hoist our spinnaker but the winds dropped to almost nothing.. so we brought it down and motored from about Edmonds back to Everett. This trip was fun and has left us with plenty of anticipation for our upcoming San Juan Islands trip scheduled for the first coupe weeks in August.