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Weekend trip down the Puget Sound July 18, 2012

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It’s been about a week since I have returned from deploying on the USS Momsen. Now that I’m back, Tam and I are ready to stop dreaming about sailing and start sailing on a regular basis. This last weekend we sailed down the Puget Sound and stayed in Blakely Harbor located on the south eastern tip of Bainbridge Island. Tammara made some delicious spaghetti to eat while we enjoyed a quite night with an amazing and uniquely distant view of the city. We would have dropped some crab pots buuutttt… Tammara forgot to buy the chicken. 😉 I still love you.

In the morning we pulled up our anchor and motored up to Eagle Harbor for some breakfast at Doc’s Marina Grill. After Breakfast we headed out into the sound and raised our sails. The winds were 10-15 knots all day giving us a chance to see how fast Bravado can actually move through the water (9.7 knots at one point!.) We cruised though Elliot Bay to get a close view of Seattle before heading north again.

On the way north we attempted to hoist our spinnaker but the winds dropped to almost nothing.. so we brought it down and motored from about Edmonds back to Everett. This trip was fun and has left us with plenty of anticipation for our upcoming San Juan Islands trip scheduled for the first coupe weeks in August.



IMG_1121 March 11, 2012

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Taking advantage of the sunshine!



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The Lone Woman Braves the Bravado

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It’s been awhile since anything has been posted on here. Partially, because Tony started the blog and I’ve been pretty busy juggling life. My husband, Tony is now on his second deployment with the USS MOMSEN since being stationed here in Everett, WA. So, here I am a lone woman with little to no experience on a boat figuring it out, along with my dog, Dexter and my cat, Harrison. Image

They’re so cute and cuddly!

I have had to endure the cold here on the water and the many windy nights. Washington doesn’t see that much snow but here’s a little snapshot of what I was living under!


Fortunately, before Tony left he was able to add another circuit to our panel in order to give me all the heaters plugged in at the same time! I did have to unplug one in order to use the toaster. Oh, the things you don’t think about while being a landlubber! After months of waiting we even got a fully enclosed canopy so I could brave the boat alone in the cold months. Boy, does that hold in the heat!! It also gave me a place to put the kitty litter so I didn’t have to deal with it below. I definitely do not prefer kitty litter between my toes!

Christmas came and went and I visited my family in IL for New Years. Then, I had an amazing opportunity to meet Tony in Malaysia early January!! What an amazing experience! Next time we go there it will be by sea. 🙂


I have to say that since being aboard in June I have learned so much about the boat. Figuring out the things I want to change and just grasping the vision of sailing the world with my love! I am currently reading The Motion of The Ocean: 1 Small Boat, 2 Average Lovers, and a Woman’s Search for the Meaning of Wife by Janna Cawrse Esarey. I highly recommend the read, This book is making me extremely excited to sail! Anywhere! I just want Tony to get home so we can fix the windows, change out the hosing on the toilet, fix our cabinets, repaint the hull, and whatever else we need to so we can sail as much as possible!!! All I want to do is learn. I currently have a leak coming from somewhere on the aft side and pooling on top of a shelf in the salon. It’s possible dripping down from the cleet. I will find it!!!

Tony and I have discussed taking some sailing lessons this summer when he comes home and getting our ASA certifications! Possibly even starting a charter business. Who knows!

The thing that never ceases to amaze me are the fellow live aboards in the Marina who are always offering knowledge and lending a hand! Thanks to all of you for all your love, hugs and support while Tony’s been gone. It means so much to me and Tony. I will leave you with that for now but I will make sure to update my story sooner than later! My sister will be coming soon for a visit and we’ll see how she likes my new home!!


Raced Airborne with the Krafts! June 18, 2011

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Cheers coming up from behindCheers


Tammara still looking cool in her shades

Here’s some pictures from Fridays race. Though we finished in last… we still had a great time!



My first trip up the mast June 14, 2011

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This weekend we will be removing the mast to replace the stepping plate, which has completely corroded out. This requires the VHS antenna and the wind speed/wind vane be taken off. So with the help of Nate and Natalie Kraft off of S/V Airborn, I made way up the mast and pulled everything off. Here are some pictures from all the way up there!

Yeah, thats me way up there12th st marina

60′ up and the wind was blowin!